If I order a gun from you, how long will it take?

Typically orders are filled the next day with 2 business day delivery for handguns. Long guns come via ground shipping so 3-5 days depending on the shipment method.  Certain times of the year (like Xmas, can delay these times)

What do I need to purchase a firearm from you?

We are a federally licensed firearms dealer so all firearm rules apply. You must have a permit to carry or permit to purchase in order to buy a handgun.  If you are purchasing a long gun, you can buy without a permit but will have to pass the federal back ground check.

What if I live out of state. Can I still purchase from you? 

Yes, however you will have to pay a shipping fee to get it to an FFL near you. You will then be responsible for paying them a fee to transfer the firearm to your name.

Do you carry other items besides Firearms and Ammo?

At this point we do not carry a lot of inventory in stock. What we do have will be listed on our website.  However, we can order many other types of items such as fishing supplies, turkey decoys, trail cameras, personal defense items such as mace.

Will you take trade-ins?


Do you take credit cards?